Fashion | 27th June 2012

Floral Jeans

Floral jeans…are they for you?  I know they’re  for me, I can’t resist such a pretty pattern, they’re so laura Ashley!  They may not be to everyone’s cup’a’tea, but I love them.  And yes…that is a glass of Lambrini…I’m such a teeny bopper!

Jeans – Zara (current).     Camisole – H&M (current).     Waistcoat – Primark (past season).
Necklace – Claires Accessories (past season).     Ring – Juicy Couture (past season).
Bag – Warehouse (current – and now in the sale).     Sunglasses – H&M (current).
Bracelets – New Look (current).     Shoes – Chockers (current).     Wig – eBay (current).
Colour on Nails – No7 shade 200 ‘Salsa’
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