Fashion | 24th May 2011

Festivals of Fashions!

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Ok, so come May and everyone starts thinking about festivals!  Radio 1’s ‘One Big Weekend’ has just been and gone to kick off the season of music and beer drinking.  I must admit, I’m not much of a music-lover.  I don’t appreciate it in the same way as others do, but this is because my whole heart and head are dedicated to fashion. 
I love certain songs and have a very mainstream ‘taste’ in music…I love a bit of J-Lo, I hope that doesn’t make me lose too much of my streed cred!  However that said, I can truley appreicate Festivals…for the Fashions!  Over the past few years Festivals have really become huge in the world of fashion and icons such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller have paved the way in their welly boots for effortless festival chic.  Let us reminisce of the best festival fashions from the past few years…
Kate Moss, Emma Watson and Sienna Miller…Festival Stylistas!
You often find there are certain trends that emerge come festival time, and below I have created some looks for the 3 main trends, Fringing, Grunge and Retro.  However this season I am eager to see if anyone will embrace the Fruity Trend, Spots & Stripes and Colourblocking.  It’s the only place where I think most people feel safe enough to experiment and be just plain wacky, which is both a shame and a positive!  So go and be free, try out wigs (ala Lily Allen), try out wierd headpieces, try clashing colours and trends, you might just find that you enjoy it and maybe come across some discoveries of things that DO actually work together.
Festival Fringing

Festival Fringing by ejstyle featuring fringe handbags
Glasto Grunge

rockin it retro

You’ve all been asking me for ‘where to get’ ideas, so I have compiled some collections of what I would class as Festival Must-Haves for you.  However if there is anything else you need help with or need any ideas on where to get a certain item them please do email me, grab me on Facebook or Tweet me 🙂 You know me guys, I am always happy to help 🙂
First up, Wellie Boots…

And Best of the Rain Coats…
pac a macs

You’ll always need Sunnies…

If in doubt one must-have for Festival season comes courtesy of River Island!  For £4.99 you can get the Festival Day Kit (below) which consists of a Poncho, energy slab (sounds interesting!), sun cream, refreshing wipe, mints and emergency tissue all in this handy little pod…Genius!
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