Outfits | 4th September 2013

Feminine Grunge

I really love the British influence on this season’s trends.  It’s all about grunge with feminine accents.  This dress is from Zara (TRF) and has everything you need, grungy checks, femme florals and some sexy lace just to top it off.  I’ve added Acne-style boots (to make it super British) and a gothic statement necklace.  You’ll be seeing a lot of this kind of look from me this season.

Dress – Zara (Current).     Necklace – Topshop (Old).     Waistcoat – H&M (Old).
Bag – Balenciaga.     Boots – New Look (Old).     Bracelets – eBay (Set of 2).
Tortoiseshell Nails – Check out my tutorial here!

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