Fashion | 9th July 2012

Ello Sailor!

Goooooood mornin!  Yet another crappy day of utterly shite weather ahead of us.  Today’s outfit is a bit of fun, mixing nautical themed pieces with a floppy hat (all bloggers’ favourite) and yes, I’m wearing some flats!  But fret not, I have heels in my bag for when my back starts to hurt from walking around like a flat footed duck.  Everyone have a great day…*shameless plug* don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: @Ems_EJSTYLE and on Facebook.  I’m on Insagram (emmahill) too if you want to see copious amounts of ‘artsy’ pictures of weirdos from my commute into work, among other things of course.

Blazer – Zara (current).     Top – Zara (current).     Shorts – Forever21 (past season).
Bag – Warehouse (current, sale).      Shoes – Next (past season).     Hat – Primark (past season).
Earrings – H&M (past season).      Wig – eBay (current).

Colours on nails: Boots No.7 160 ‘Pinky Pure’ and one on one nail Boots 17 ‘Parma Violet’
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