Outfits | 19th August 2014




I’m now back from Cornwall after an amazing week, it’s certainly a Birthday I’ll remember.  Now it’s time for catching up with all things EJSTYLE and some much needed Fashion Month preparation.  I’m going to revert back to my stereotypical British ways and have a brief moan about the weather…how cold is it?!  I thought it was just Cornwall that was cold but coming home to London I noticed a considerable drop in temperature.  This creeping cold has now prompted an early wardrobe swap-over.  I normally do ‘the big swap’ in September where I cleanse my wardrobe of all my high summer clobber in exchange for my Winter woolies and Autumn essentials.  Because I’ve had to do this earlier I have unearthed epic amounts of practically brand new clothes, shoes, accessories and I will be selling this at the Battersea Boot Fair this Sunday so for all my London based readers out there, if you fancy a bargain make sure you come on down.  More details to follow!

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Dress – Julia by F&F*
Shirt – Zara (Similar here)
Jacket – Forever 21 (Similar here)
Boots – Bershka (Similar here)
Watch – Guess*
Ring – Alba Rose
Sunglasses – Ray Ban
Bag – Paul Costello

Items marked with * have been gifted

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