Outfits | 2nd February 2018

Cropped Coat

I want to end the week on a positive message...

I recently had a tattoo on the inside of my arm and it rather simply reads 'Be You', and if you haven't seen this tattoo I'm sorry it's not visible in the imagery of this post, but hey, it's Winter 😉 But the message of this tattoo resinates very deeply with me and it's one which I like to remind you guys of from time to time.  In this world we live in, consumed by social media, I just want to tell you that being yourself is always ok.  I don't mean 'ok' in a 'it'll do' sense of the word, but often we feel under pressure to act a certain way, dress a certain way, have a certain kind of lifestyle but you know what it's all smoke and mirrors.  So just embrace yourself and live YOUR life not the life Instagram dictates you live.

Be you.


how to wear a checked blazer - Emma Hill

Outfit Details

Coat - Mango (Wearing size M)

Jumper - Me+Em

Jeans - & Other Stories

Boots - Kurt Geiger (Old)

Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Bag - Celine

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