Beauty | 2nd April 2014

Create This Look With B. Make Up & Skincare

Last week I attended an event held by Superdrugs’ B. Make up and Skincare.  I took part in a make up Master Class with Cassie Lomas where she demonstrated a graphic eye flick and bold brow look with dewy skin, all using B. Make up & Skincare products (below).  I got to take lots of products home with me so I’ve been playing with them myself and using the hints, tips and tricks that I learnt from the master class to re-create the look (above).

First of all I started with the B. Rescued Energising Balm (£10.99 30ml) which simply refreshes and revives tired and dull skin and gives a gorgeous radiant finish.  This is also the perfect base for applying your make up and it’s been clinically proven to hydrate the skin for 12 hours, bonus!

Then I moved onto the B. B Cream – Beauty Balm in the ‘light’ shade (£10.99 30ml) and applied this using a Superdrug Foundation Brush (£3.99).  Using the back of my hand as a kind  of make-up palette I took small amounts of the Beauty Balm one one side of the brush and applied to my skin…
Then using soft circular motions I blended the Beauty Balm all over my face and down the neck.  Using one side of the brush for application then allows the other side to pick up and spread out any excess product when blending.
Moving on to the B. Sculpted Contour Kit (£10.49), using a Superdrug Pro Slanted Blusher Brush (£8.99) I applied the contour powder just below the cheekbone using small circular motions sweeping the brush up and out towards the middle of my ear.  I also applied this to my jawline and a small amount to both sides of the bridge of my nose.  Switching to the cream highlighter I applied this using the same slanted blusher brush (cleaned of course!) to my cheekbones, then using a Superdrug Blending Brush (£1.99) I applied the highlighted directly down the bridge on my nose and the cupids bow.  You can also apply this under the arches of your brows but I will be using the new B. Brow kit which comes with a highlighter so I’m using that one today.  I want my skin to remain nice and dewy so I’m not using a pressed powder to set the look but if you wanted to I would suggest this B. Set Sheer Finish Pressed Powder (£7.99).  
Moving on to the B. Defined Eyebrow Kit (£10.99 – Launches May 10th) which is available in 2 shades ‘light’ and ‘dark’ and each kits contains 2 powders, a brow setting wax, a cream highlighter mirror and a dual ended application brush.  I must admit I’m not a fan of the brush that comes with this kit, but don’t discard it because the spiral brush end does come in handy for tidying up the brows and for brushing them upwards before applying the wax.  

I used one of my own slanted eyebrow brushes and lightly covered the bristles in the wax, using the back of my hand to wipe away any excess I then applied this to my brows working with the natural shape.  Then using the darker powder on the brush I swept this over where the wax has been applied using small brush strokes for a more natural look.  I used a cotton bud with a small amount of B. Micellar Water to neaten up any mistakes.  Then using a Superdrug Blending Brush (£1.99) I applied the cream highlighter to just underneath the arches of my brows.
Now for the eye flicks!  Using B. Precise Gel Eyeliner (£6.99) which comes with a great little brush for application, I dabbed my brush into the gel and using the back of my hand wiped off any excess ‘blobby’ bits, creating a smooth brush for a smooth application.  I started by sweeping the brush from the inner corner of my eye outward to the outer corner to create the base line.  Depending on the thickness of the flick you want you can apply more and adjust/even out your lines as you go along.  Then make a small mark where you want your flick to go and sweep the product out.  Again using a cotton bud and a small amount of B. Micellar Water I used this to even out the flicks and get them as symmetrical as possible.
To finish the eyes I applied 2 coats of B. Longer Lengthening & Defining Mascara in Black (£9.99) which is a great mascara and one of my new favourites!  I also applied some highlighter cream (from the brow kit) to the inner corners of my eyes just to brighten them and make them appear bigger.
Just to finish the look I applied B. Sheer Colour Conditioning Lipstick in ‘Caramel’ (£6.99).
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