Fashion | 14th May 2011

Crap Car, Posh Scarf!

This post is for everyone out there who has a crap car!  Wearing a pair of Louboutins, climing out of THIS just doesn’t make sense, lol.  I own a red Renault Megane (old style) which we bought for £500 so I wouldn’t clock up the milage on our new car.  I have a 32mile round trip to work each day so it only seemed logical to get a cheap car to do the commute in. 

I have named this beast of a car ‘Flash’ because she came with the most horrid seat covers known to man, well, known to woman-kind.  They are black, made out of some kind of cheap polyester fabric which makes my hair static every time I get in, with bright red pannels and a red lightning bolt adorns the head rest…’FLASH! Ahhhh ahhhhhh, savour of the universe!’.  I sing this little medly every time I get in, to simply remain lighthearted about such a crap car which in some ways, I have grown to love in our own special way 🙂

Top: H&M.     Trousers (with Belt): New Look.     Loafters: New Look.     Scarf: New Look.     Sunglasses: Polo Ralph Lauren.     Watch: Louis Vuitton.     Bracelets: Links of London, Tiffany’s, Various.     
Nails created by using OPI nail colour in ‘Black Onyx’ as a base, then using an orange stick (cuticle stick) dip the pointed end into GOSH Nail Colour in ‘White Tip’ and dot onto nails in a random fashion.  Try using the colours the reverse way round for Dalmatian print nails, which is a huge trend for Autumn/Winter!  I see on Twitter some of you have already tried this, well done, and glad I could bring you some inspiration!
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