Fashion | 14th January 2016


For those of you who follow me on Snapchat (ejstyle), yesterday was a rather exciting day!  For those of you who don’t, basically I found myself in Chanel and cut a long story short, I left with a little sumin’ sumin’.  This post is not only about the grand reveal of what’s inside that box but also a little message that if you work hard, then you get to play hard!

A few years ago I could only dream of being able to buy some of things I am able to buy myself now and it’s all down to working hard and believing in myself.  Over the festive period I worked super hard, I was even on my laptop on Christmas Day, so to reward myself, I paid a little visit to Coco.

I had been obsessing over the slingback low block heel Chanel shoes for the last 6 months and finally I went in search of them yesterday.  Big mistake.  What I should have realised, after having obsessing over them for so long, is that they clearly weren’t new stock, they are in fact from the AW15 collection.  Every time I saw a picture of someone wearing them I wanted them even more, and my Pinterest home page seemed to sense this as it kept throwing pictures in my face each time I logged on.  I should mention that I wanted the very specific colour way of the beige leather with black toe cap, as seen EVERYWHERE on EVERYONE (but me!).  

My heart immediately sunk as I scoured Chanel, my eyes frantically searching the shelves for these bloody shoes, no where to be seen.  When I finally sought help I was informed they’d all gone but they did have them in black.  I really didn’t want the black but found myself trying them on anyway.  They were amazing in so many ways, but they just weren’t the colour I was after.  I feel like the sales assistant knew this and like a flash she emerged from the secret hidden doorway to the magical land of ‘the stockroom’ with two more boxes, these were new season, Cruise collection to be precise.  She whipped them open and out came a pair of very pale pink court shoes, leather with a black patent toe cap featuring a stitched CC logo.  The second box held the same, BUT in beige!  This was the colour I had been searching for, it just wasn’t the same shoe…these were better! Hurrahhhhhhhh!  I slipped them on, totally in a Cinderella fashion, and sashayed around the store whilst women admired my feet as I walked, errrr glided (because Chanel shoes make you glide y’know).  I was sold.

Chanel Beige Court Shoes £420 available in Chanel Boutiques Worldwide, Harrods & Selfridges (subject to stock)

Right, now just because I’ve decided to start investing in some luxury items does not mean that I have neglected my duties as ‘Top Dupe Finder’.  So for those of you that fancy the slingback but simply can’t/don’t want to shell out on Chanel, looky looky what I have here….DUPES!

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