Autumn, I’m Ready For You

My wardrobe switch-over has happened so now I’m fully prepped for Autumn, my favourite season!

AD: Desenio Studio Cosmopolitan

The new collection of prints in which I scouted the locations here in London and Desenio shot them


My Autumn outfits are getting underway and I’m starting with this chic everyday look

Bag, For Life

I’ve got a new ‘Bag for Life’ and I don’t mean the plastic shopping kind you’re familiar with, this is a bag, for life.

The Tortoise And The Shell

Today’s post is all about the trend of the season when it comes to accessories, Tortoiseshell. I’ve partnered up with Monnier Freres…

5 Sunglasses Trends

We all know I’m a sunglasses addict and today I’m sharing 5 of the latest sunglasses trends for this season. I’ve partnered…


Sneaker Diaries: City Girl

I’m back with another edition of the ‘Sneaker Diaries’.  Following on from last week’s post I thought I’d show you guys how…

Spring Uniform

Spring is just around the corner and it’s literally all I can think about, can you tell?  I mean it’s not like…

Spring Wardrobe Staples

I harp on about ‘Wardrobe Staples’ all the time but you know what, they really are worth all this conversation because they…

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