Beauty | 17th March 2014

Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Primer & Healthy Mix Serum Foundation


I‘ve decided to review these two Bourjois products together because a lot of you have been asking about the foundation/base I have been using in my other beauty posts and these two products work really well together.  So to start off with I am currently loving this Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer (£10.99), as you can see from my before and after shots below the primer provides a healthy looking glow but what you can’t see from the pictures is the super soft finish that it gives to the skin.  This then provides a flawlessly smooth base for the foundation to sit on.  The primer is light and in comparison to other drugstore brands it’s a thinner consistency rather than a gel so it’s much easier to spread evenly across the face without it sticking and building up in certain areas.  One pump is all I have been using on a daily basis and I find that it really does give extra staying power to the foundation and with no oily build up throughout the day.  This primer also comes in a matte version which I haven’t yet tried because I like the glow the Luminous primer provides.  On to the foundation which is the Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation (£10.99) and my the shade I’m using here is number 52 (Vanilla) and there are 6 shades in total to choose from.  Now this foundation was used on me in the Guess video (which I can share with you on the 19th) that I filmed the other week with make up artist Mariam Jensen.  So it comes with a great recommendation and rightly so, it’s all I’ve been using for the last couple of weeks.  Being a gel foundation it’s so easy to blend and it feels so lightweight on the skin, like I’m not wearing any make up and it even smells gorgeous (that’ll be down to those vitamin enriched super-fruits)!  I used a very inexpensive foundation brush (from Primark) to apply the foundation just to show you how it goes on with no bells or whistles.  This foundation is great if you love that ‘Healthy Glow’ look which I do, I think it looks more natural than the totally matte foundations.  Again one pump does me for the whole face and blending on the jawline and neck.  If any of you are looking to try a new foundation for Spring/Summer now that you won’t need something as heavy as the winter months, I can’t recommend this enough, plus it increases your skins radiance by +69% after 4 weeks of use, so why the heck wouldn’t you want this?!









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