Fashion | 24th May 2013

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I‘m going to mark yesterday as a write off.  I had such a horrible day.  Most of you know I work in retail, and let me tell you…it ain’t no ride in the park (Even retailers are human beings).  Anywho, positive head on today!  One good thing did come of yesterday, I won some free shoes at work (Thanks to my incessant #KGBusSpot Tweets) which I haven’t chosen yet, but they will definitely be making an appearance once I’ve picked which ones I want 🙂 #FreeShoes #Yay

Blazer – Zara (Current).     Shirt – Zara (Old).     Jeans – Zara (Old).     Shoes – Primark (Current).
Necklace – Primark (Current).     Sunglasses – H&M (Old).     Bag – eBay.
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