Outfits | 17th August 2013

Birthday Day

These are the pictures from my birthday on Monday.  Seeings as we ventured down to Cornwall for this momentous day, what better way to start than with a walk along the beach.  This beach in Rock is one of many that I grew up on when I lived in Cornwall (Before choosing to inhale B.O on the tube over fresh Cornish air) from the age of 3 and is great for dogs.  So with our five amigos in tow we took a lovely stroll and obviously with this scenery, why not do a blog post too?!

Jacket – Primark (Old).     Shirt – Zara (Old).     Jeans – New Look (Old).     Shoes – Zara (Old).
Watch – ASOS (Current).     Rings – Primark (Old).     Belt – eBay.     Sunglasses – Primark (Old).
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