Fashion | 11th August 2012

Berry, Black & White

Happy Saturday everyone, please do think of me…now off to work until 7pm!  However I’m off on a weeks holiday as of tomorrow (And heading down to Cornwall for a few days) so plenty of blog posts to come and make sure you follow me on Twitter to see all the antics I get up to and outfits I’ll be wearing.  I’m also on Instagram, but if you don’t like Chihuahuas (How dare you!) or food then I wouldn’t both following me.

Skirt – Forever21 (Current).     Jumper – H&M (Current).     Boots – Topshop (Current).
Collar – eBay.     Bag – Zara (Current).     Skull Bangles – Both eBay.     Sunglasses – H&M (Current).     Wig – eBay.

Colour On Nails: Boots 17 Lasting Fix – ‘Exquisite’
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