Beauty | 9th March 2014

BeautyUK Posh Pout

Today I’m testing out the ‘Posh Pout’ tinted lip balm by BeautyUK.  I only managed to get 5 of the 6 colours so once I manage to get my hands on the last one (‘Big Pinkin’), I’ll post that too.  It’s at this time of year, another changing of the seasons, that I start to suffer from dry lips.  My skin is actually pretty boring, I don’t have any issues with it other than my lips.  This range from BeautyUK seemed like a good product to test as it’s simply a tinted lip balm.  First up we’ve got ‘How Nude’ which is a pretty sugary pastel pink colour and is probably the most opaque out of all the shades.  Then we have ‘Power To The Purple’ which isn’t really purple at all but is a lovely sheer shade of deep pink.  ‘Corally Incorrect’ is a gorgeous coral/red colour and is my favourite out of the lot.  Then we’ve got another candy shade in ‘Would I Lilac To You?’ and then ending with a deep plum shade ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’.  Once you finally manage to get the sealed wrapping off this product is actually pretty good for it’s bargain price of £2.99 (each).  BeautyUK have made this product into a lip crayon which I have to admit I’m favouring over any other form of lip product at the moment just for the simple ease of application.  It’s soft to glide on and the shape of the crayon is perfect for getting into the corners of your lips and the cupids bow.  As I said the colours are sheer because they aren’t lipsticks but tinted lip balms, but they work well in this way.  When you don’t want a heavy block colour and find gloss just too sticky, a Posh Pout is the perfect middle ground.  The packaging says they’re mint flavoued but I couldn’t really smell or taste mint, that said, that doesn’t really both me at all.  The balm feels moisturising and stayed on for a good couple of hours until I needed to re-apply.  This is just a drug-store version of a ‘Chubby Stick’ and I must say, I would use this over the Clinque!  It’s a thumbs up from me and I would definitely recommend trying them out for yourself.  Superdrug currently have an offer on where if you buy one, the second is half price, so you could buy the lot for a mere £13.44 which is still cheaper than a single Chubby Stick…Hurrah for a bargain!











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