Outfits | 23rd December 2016

The Art of Dressing ‘Hygge’

I bring you guys a lot of outfits and styling ideas, that's sort of my thing, but despite all this fashion content, the majority of my time is actually spent at home.  I have to edit images, create the posts, respond to emails, you know, all the usual blogger type activities.  For the first few weeks of being a 'full time blogger' I used to sit in my pj's all day but I soon began to feel like a slob.  I now have a routine where I get dressed as if I'm actually going to 'work', despite my commute only being down three flights of stairs to my basement, with a quick pit stop at my kettle.  I like my 'workwear' to be cosy and comfortable especially in these colder months and so I have established quite a substantial knitwear collection.  One of my faves for cosy knits and slouchy denim is Abercrombie.  I have around 6 or 7 knits from them this season and because they are higher in quality than most of the high street knits I own, they tend to be warmer.

Earlier on this season the word 'Hygge' emerged onto the scene.  Of course this is not a new word, it's simply a Danish one and what the Danish do, we all follow.  Hygge (pronounced Hue-gah) is the art of creating a cosy atmosphere which should in turn promote a positive well being. To put it plainly it's about whipping out those sheepskin slippers, nestling under a chunky knitted blanket by a crackling fire wearing your cosiest knitwear.  It may well be a fad but you know what? I'm all for a fad that makes Winter just that little bit more bearable.  

So in today's post I have 4 new knits to share with you guys, all of which are perfect for creating the ultimate 'Hygge' setting.


My face was quite the picture when I stumbled upon the new line of Cashmere whilst browsing the Abercrombie site...because it's under £85! This grey crew neck sweater is 100% cashmere and not only is it perfect for the art of Hygge but it's a pretty good wardrobe staple too!

Also available in black, pale pink and Oatmeal

Cowl Neck

There's just something super cosy about a cowl or turtle neck sweater.  I instantly fell in love with this tan asymmetrical hem cowl neck jumper because if you can't coordinate your knitwear to your pets, what's the point?

Now in the sale! Also available in Black, Burgundy and Grey

Apres Ski


Who doesn't love a touch of Apres Ski in the Winter? You don't even have to be anywhere near the slopes to appreciate the cosiness of this fair isle pullover, although if you are by the slopes...you definitely NEED this sweater in your life!

Also now in the sale


In my opinion every girl should own a chunky grey cardigan.  They are fantastic for snuggling, they have pockets (errr bonus!) and they make for the perfect travel outfit cover up.  I'm off to NYC for New Year and this card will definitely be coming with me for the long haul flight.

Also available in Navy and Oatmeal

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This post was created in collaboration with Abercrombie, as always all words, opinions and photography are my own.

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