Outfits | 20th November 2018

And We’re Back!

Well hello there and welcome back to our shiny new site!

This new site has been in the making since the start of April this year, we've had a lot going on so there have been a few breaks here and there but finally we're up and running.  Our aim was to make your visits here as seamless, enjoyable and inspiring as possible (will a few 'lols' along the way).  We also understand that time can be an issue these days so we wanted to have all our content here in one place so that if you are a bit tight for time you don't need a gazillion different apps or pages open to see what's new.  One of the biggest changes that you'll have noticed is that we've 're-branded'...RIP EJ Style, and hello Emma Hill.  What's the reason for this?  Well, EJ Style was the name I settled on when I first started my blog over 10 years ago and back then I had no idea of where it would go and what it could develop into.  EJ Style was personal to me, after all it is my name (Emma Jayne - 'EJ') and it always has been about my style.  But as I've grown up I wanted something simple and something less gimmicky, and so we've gone with my name.

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In terms of content you guys will be getting lots more over here on the new site.  You'll notice that you can now watch our videos here without having to navigate away (if you so choose) and you have access to that all important description box below the video, so you can easily find exactly what I've been wearing or what I've featured within each video.  You can refine the videos by topic; Vlogs, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle & Travel so if you fancy a vlog binge, they're all there, in order, in one place.  Of course if you love going over to YouTube to watch videos, or maybe you watch them on your phone during your commute or on your Smart TV then by all means, keep doing that, we're still there.

You will now be able to see absolutely all of my outfits that I post, and not just 'blog outfits' but you can see and shop anything I post on my Instagram main feed here and any other random little mirror selfies that I take and post on Twitter or my Instagram stories right here in the home of all outfits.  So if you're really lacking inspiration for your wardrobe or you just need an idea for an outfit then hopefully we've got you covered.  Once more the outfits can be refined by season and by genre, so for example if you're in Aus and you're looking for Summer outfit inspo whilst we're in the midst of Winter then it's made super easy for you.  We've got some new little features within the blog posts; swanky new layouts and even some video elements to bring outfits to life.  Now as with all sites on the internet super highway it's always best to view these in all their glory on a desktop, laptop or tablet.  You'll get the mobile (aka. less swanky) version of the site if visiting on your phone, which I'm not discouraging if it's most convenient for you.  If you want to see what's 'New in my Wardrobe' then you can also have a nosey over here on the shop page.  So if you've ever fallen victim to that dreaded 'Sorry this item is sold out' message then this is where you can get a first peek at what I've been buying as soon as I've bought it.

tie waist jacket


The homepage will be your source of everything new from week to week.  All my latest outfits will be displayed at the top and a simple click will show you exactly what I'm wearing with links to those items and to affordable alternatives if I'm wearing something on the pricey side.  You'll also see the latest 5 blog posts which might be anything from outfits, shopping and beauty to travel, interiors, cooking (oh yes!), and so much more.  We're going to be covering a lot more topics and integrating more lifestyle content (without losing the outfits) going forward so if you have any specific requests then please do let us know.  Our latest 3 videos from YouTube are also displayed on the homepage (and yes, we will be going back to 3 videos a week in the New Year) so you'll be able to see, at a glance, everything that we've uploaded in one week making it really easy for you too keep up to date.

I'd like to end this post with a massive THANK YOU to all of you for your support over the last 10 years and I really hope you enjoy using the new site.
I'll leave you to go and explore and catch up on all the newness xxx

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