Outfits | 9th September 2013

A Wee Tartan Skirt

I just shot this look this morning and managed to just miss the rain, phew!  Today’s going to be an iffy day for shooting because here in London we’re due on & off rain all day, but, this is my life now.  I don’t think I actually told you all, but just a few weeks ago I gave up my full time paid job to do blogging (no-so-paid) full time.  I’ll do a post soon on ‘ day in the life of me’ so you can see what I get up to on most days.  Despite the fact that I now have zero income (hoping this will change soon!) I couldn’t be happier, blogging is my passion and I never had enough time to put into it before.  So I’d like to take this time to say thank you for everyone that follows me or just reads my blog, your support means a lot to me and I hope you continue to enjoy all the EJ.Style awesomeness of the future!

Skirt – Zara (Current).     Jacket – Zara (Old).     Top w/Chains – Zara (Current).
Boots – Primark (Current).     Bag – Balenciaga.     Watch – Primark (Current).     Bracelet – eBay.
Hat – Primark (Current).
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