Outfits | 15th November 2013

A Carrie Moment

When I first saw this Coast ‘Rita’ skirt in the window of their stand alone store on Oxford Street, it was like my inner ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ was calling out to it.  As if by magic, I simply floated into the store and grabbed the skirt and next thing I knew I was at home caressing it.  I’ve done the textbook shoot (Albeit not in NYC or Paris but London) of swinging from a lamppost and sitting on the steps of a swanky townhouse ala Miss Bradshaw.  Cheesy it may be but it’s totally fitting for this magnificent skirt!  Thumbs up Coast, it’s a beaut!

Skirt – Coast (Current).     Jumper – Zara (Current).     Jacket – Zara (Old).     Watch – C/O Guess.
Shoes – Zara (Current).     

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