Sneaker Diaries: Veja V-10

Anyone remember my feature The Sneaker Diaries? Well it’s back and today with these Veja V-10 trainers, which if you don’t already have a pair of Vela’s…you need some in your life! Ethically and Sustainably sourced and manufactured and comfortable, what’s not to love?

Sneaker Diaries: Navy & White

A new outfit from the ‘Sneaker Diaries’ and today it’s these amazing navy and white lace ups.

Sneaker Diaries: City Girl

I’m back with another edition of the ‘Sneaker Diaries’. ¬†Following on from last week’s post I thought I’d show you guys how…

SNEAKER DIARIES: The All Leather Converse

It’s been a fair old while since I last posted a Sneaker Diaries post but since starting my YouTube channel, styling outfits…

Sneaker Diaries: Summer Tailoring

In Summer sneakers are a huge part of my wardrobe, in the heat our feet swell up and this is what can…

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